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Keyboard shortcut: Double space for period [webOS 3.0.5]

by Adam Marks Tue, 24 Jan 2012 11:51 pm EST

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0.5 or higher

While many webOS phone owners have been asking for the ability to enter a period by typing a double-space, it's actually the TouchPad that first sees this functionality added. With the recent update to webOS 3.0.5, TouchPad owners can now toggle this feature on/off in the Text Assist app. Note that only the first double-space will enter a period, as multiple presses of the space bar after a period will not enter another one. Also, unlike other auto-correct actions in webOS, pressing the backspace key after a double-space will not undo that shortcut, but rather just delete the extra space after the period.



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