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Kindle App for HP TouchPad now available! [update]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 18 Jul 2011 7:17 pm EDT

It's one of those apps that we were promised for launch day in the February announcement of the HP TouchPad earlier this year, and if there is any sign that HP really was planning a hard launch to start today, this would be one of them. The Kindle app for the HP TouchPad is now available for all customers of the Amazon network of books. We're downloading the update right now and getting really excited about downloading some of our favorite book titles to the TouchPad as soon as it's ready. Head to your TouchPad's Software Manager in the Settings tab of the launcher, or download the app from the HP App Catalog right now, and then let us know in the comments; Which books will you read first on your tablet device?

Update: Sadly, it looks like the app is geo-locked for only the US App Catalog right now. And here we thought that the TouchPad catalog would be free of those chains.

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Thanks, Everyone!