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Back Swipe The Back Swipe is one of the most used gestures in webOS, replacing the need for a “Back” button throughout webOS. Whenever you need to go back one-level within an app (for example, to go from reading an Email back to the Inbox), simply perform a half-swipe from right-to-left in the gesture area. It can be done on either side of the center button/LCD, just make sure that you don't cross over that center line.

Other uses of the back-swipe:

  1. When there are no more levels to go back within an app, performing a Back Swipe will minimize your App into Card View
  2. If a Phone Call comes in, a Back Swipe will minimize the call to the dashboard. Then, either ignore the call and it will go to voicemail, or tap on the notification to answer the call
  3. When reviewing your dashboard notifications, a Back Swipe will minimize them back to the dashboard icons
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