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by Dieter Bohn Wed, 22 Dec 2010 6:24 pm EST
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LA LIGA LIVE keeps you up to date with what's going on in Spain’s first football/soccer league. Here is what you get:
*** LIVE TICKER for each match or in "conference mode" for all matches (goals, cards & penalties)
*** Chose to receive notifications for events about everyone or your favorite team only (or no notifications)
*** List of matches for the entire season (with match times in your local time zone)
*** The current standings table updated live during matches
*** Export match times into your calendar
*** Infograph with standings history for this season
*** Historical league results until back when your grandfather bought his first jersey
*** All-time standings
*** Goalgetters ranking
ABOUT US: We were the developers behind the quite popular app "World Cup Manager" that brought you free live coverage of the soccer world cup 2010. Thanks for helping us win a price in the Palm Hot Apps Competition! We put the price money to good use and upgraded from our infamous old server to a "cloud server" that is quasi-impossible to bring down. La Liga live data feeds are expensive, that's why we can't make this app free. You can be sure that every cent in profits will be used for improving this app. If you want more features, be sure to let us know by email to!
SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the app or want to make a suggestion, please email us at You can write in Spanish but be warned that our Spanish skills are very limited. Follow us on Twitter: @minderleister

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