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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 9:00 pm EST
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The Landmarks: San Francisco app is perfect for tourists, tour guides, architects, historic preservationists, urban planners, realtors, renters & homebuyers, and anyone else curious about San Francisco’s architectural history.

Landmarks: San Francisco lists the official landmarked buildings and sites near you, anywhere in the city. It tells you when each landmark was designated (some as far back as 40 years!), provides detailed info such as architectural style and year built, and provides links to Wikipedia & the NoeHill website. Thumbnail photos from Wikipedia are displayed for more than 60 landmarks, plus links to hi-res images. You can view the location on a map, and email details about the landmark with just a single tap.

Also check out Landmarks: New York – the free ( or paid version (

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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