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LastPass password manager coming to webOS, in beta now

by Derek Kessler Wed, 17 Feb 2010 7:30 pm EST

LastPass beta There are many password manager services out there, but only a few available to webOS users. In the future we’ll have one more to add to our list: LastPass. Actuall, if you're into beta, the future is now. The LastPass webOS app, currently in beta testing, syncs with your LastPass account to provide access to all of your secure website and notes data. This isn’t just a client to access the website through a webOS interface - LastPass for webOS will sync your data onto the phone and store it locally, only jumping online to sync changes and only when you tell it to. LastPass will even have type-to-search functionality for our ever-growing lists of personal data.

Interested? You can download the beta now, thanks to Palm’s web app distribution system. Currently you can try this service free for two weeks, though syncing is a LastPass premium feature, so you’ll have to fork over some cash ($1 a month) if you think it’s worth it.

Thanks to dtatgenho and xylophon for the tip!