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Lexicomp offering webOS users 25% off

by Riz Parvez Sun, 15 May 2011 10:59 pm EDT

In the midst of this string of new webOS device launches HP has planned for the summer of 2011, Many of us in the webOS medical community continue to wait with bated breath for further word regarding HP’s efforts to bring Epocrates back to to the platform.

Well, it’s always important to know your options, and the good people at Lexi-comp have stepped forward to help remind the webOS medical community that they’ve remained steadfastly supportive of the platform with their highly detailed reference suite, ON-HAND. As a show of their ongoing support, Lexi-Comp is offering a special deal for PreCentral readers: 25% off a subscription to any of Lexi-Comp's reference databases.

For those unfamiliar, Lexi-Comp is an incredible resource for a wide array of medical reference information, including calculators, drug formularies, interaction checks, articles, and more. The vast majority of the information used by the Lexi-Comp's webOS app is stored natively, ensuring you'll have quick access even in the most signal-barren corner of your hospital.

The Lexicomp ON-HAND app itself is free in the webOS catalog; This promotion gives you a discount on a subscription to the reference content used by the app after the 30 day trial has expired. So if you’re a webOS user working in healthcare and want a fast, detailed medical reference suite, Lexicomp is a sure bet. Just go to their webOS specific page, pick out the package that best fits your needs, and enter this discount code in your shopping cart: PRECENTRAL