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Lining up for the Pre

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 06 Jun 2009 2:21 pm EDT

Above, forum member EStigall awaits his Pre in Lufkin, TX.
First in line, goodbye Touch Pro

It. Is. Here.  Launch Day.  Real citizens will have their hands on with the Pre.  $199 after mail-in rebate, $299 before.  Some sort of Everything Data plan required.

Folks, we've been waiting for this day for so long, we're pretty sure that there will be a pot-o-gold waiting at each and every Sprint location, a tiny leprechaun there cackling with glee as he divies up his treasure amongst the line-sitters.  We could possible be suffering from lack of sleep.


Update: More line photos after the break -- when you send yours in, be sure to tell us where you are at!   We'll continue to update with more photos as we progress through the morning!

Update 2: Alright folks, we're 45 minutes from opening and all the photos have killed our laptop's juice.  If you like, keep sending 'em in and/or post them in the forum thread below!

There are many many more people waiting inline -- check them out in our Palm Pre Forums!

Thanks to everybody who sent in photos!!

We asked you to send in photos and John didn't disappoint.  He sent this in at 5 pm Eastern yesterday, having gotten it set up at 3pm. 

Thanks, John!

Jean is all alone at his Best Buy as of 5am Eastern

Jason is also first in line, been there since midnight with his "Pre-eep."  He writes:

I was able to sneak away to a corporate Sprint store though and have been informally camping out here since midnight. My faithful wife is sleeping in our Honda whilst I rough it in the cold with my marshmallow Peep pillow and blanky! Can't wait, though! Ross from Sprint is bringing donuts and coffee! I'm sending this from my soon to be obsolete BB Curve! John's not alone! (Though I am at the moment... LOL) Good luck, all!

Looks like Amy's Sprint Store in San Antonio is one of many that are fudging the "First Come, First Served" rule, giving her the above "Ticket Number." Check it out - the family that waits on Pre phones together stays together! They've been there since 9pm.

Luis already got the hook up with not one but 4 of them -- early!  Don't hate the playa, hate the game. :)

ProwlerTM in our forums is first in line in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Forum Member Bmore is one of five waiting in line in Baltimore.

Mike writes:

Here's a pic of me standing in front of the Best Buy in Tenleytown, a neighborhood in NW, Washington, DC.  Got here @ 5 am and I'm #1 in line.  I'd love to have the Pre 2 hours earlier, But I figure the extra wait is worth the $100 I'll be saving.

I had a police officer drive up a few minutes ago.  I thought he was going to tell me I couldn't sit here, instead he wished me good luck on getting the Pre.  4 1/2 hours left!

Chris is first in line in Fargo, ND.

Calvin in North Austin is first in line -- the second in line pictured here has understandably given in to sleep on the very comfortable concrete.

Vince in Scottsdale, AZ camped out, tent and all, starting at 5:30 and is also first.

...and here's your's truly -- this photo taken as the sky just started turning at 6am, taken with a Palm Pre. :)

Chad is first in line in Cincinnati .

Ronnie's got a group in Columbus.

Colleen trying to hug the pre sign, 1st in line, 5am in Mchenry, IL. taken by Michael

Matt is first in line in Salem, OR.  Getting there at 3am will do that for ya.

Marc reveals that some Sprint stores get fancier displays than others.

Maria writes:

Here in houston, tx, first in line, all alone here, spending my last hrs with the instinct, "single tear in eye", lol

Maria, the only sad thing to us is that you've been forced to use an Instinct for so long.

And a missive from Middleberg, Fl:

Jeff, Emily, and Jamal... We got here at 5am!

TWC_SouthPhilly tells us that there are 10 people in line at the Sprint  store in Philadelphia PA on 13th & Chestnut St @ 6:30am.

Brian writes in:

I got to my local Sprint store @ 5:30... I am in Murfreesboro, TN.. just south of Nashville... I am the first one here.. WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE GEEKS???

A lot of empty stores, folks, here's one more in Snellville, Ga:

6:50 am at the sprint store and I'm the first one line what so ever and I love it....It is an authorized dealer and not a staple sprint store so people are probably waiting outside of the latter and that is alright by me.....Palm Pre here I come.

We're letting folks in line with us in Ocala, FL play around with our review unit, like Angel here.

Our very own Derek Kessler reports in that the Columbus OH store is up to 30 peeps!

Bill writes in:

First -- and only -- in line in Saugus, MA at the Square One Mall. One other guy showed up and left, saying he'll be back with a buddy.

7am and 7 in line in Winter Springs, FL.

Levell: Here's me in line in at the Best Buy store here in Durham, NC.....this location is only getting 3 phones......:(

 I'm ready for push on the Prê...
Dieter, here is the line in Williston, VT this morning!
Roams11 in the forum

Wes calls himself "a kid form a small town in New Mexico called Carlsbad."

Scotbotmosh in Milwaukee

Troy in Amherst, NY

Luke writes "I was here at 0430, alone, so I went across the street to check the Walmart, no luck. Ten minutes later back at the Sprint store and I am 4th in line, crap."

Update 2: Alright folks, we're 45 minutes from opening and all the photos have killed our juice.  If you like, keep sending 'em in and/or post them in the forum thread below!