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by webos catalog Mon, 21 Mar 2011 12:24 pm EDT
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This application supports you in writing your I.M, email, facebook statuses and tweets to make your life easier! Tap the first letters of a word and let writing assistant find the matching words, so you don't have to type the full word. Choose Smileys, Mentions and Hashtags with a single finger gesture. Add links to websites (with short URL), upload Photos (Twitpic), upload Videos (twitpic) and Maps (GPS or location of an address with Google Maps). Shorten your text with automatic abbreviations. Translate your message or tweet to english, french, german, spanish.

Lithium Messenger is the first application that allows you to create a link between your various social networks, email & SMS.

This Application lets you keep in one place all your messages from twitter, facebook, email, SMS and export them in a safe place.

Lithium Messenger uses cross-app Launching to deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking :

* To load tweets in your favorite twitter client (Support for Mobile Twitter, Bad Kitty, Twee, Tweedn TweetMe, Yak, Spaz Phnx beta, Carbon beta)
* To load your facebook statuses (Support for Facebook, facebook beta)
* To load your message in WebOS messaging or email apps.
* To load in other third party apps, like, Neato, Notes, TumblBox,

Update 1.5.1 : Carbon support
Update 1.5.0 :
- Writing assitant : (for english, french, german, spanish)
- Full Translator English, french, german, spanish
- New App support for Export : TumblBox

Update 1.3.0 : Update all your social networks at once with support (via cross app launching)

Update 1.2.0 :

- Stock phrases. Add, edit, reorder, delete stock phrases.
- New support for Neato, Notes by inglorious apps and Anonymous texter (will need beta tester for this because this app is not available in my country.)
- Autocapilization for the first letter in Text message
- Toggle views : hide smiley, hide hashtags & mentions.

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