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Live NFL Network Telecast on your Pre Begins Thursday

by Annie Latham Tue, 10 Nov 2009 2:55 pm EST

Sprint just announced that they will be the only wireless carrier to offer live NFL Network game telecasts via its exclusive NFL Mobile Live application and on Sprint TV beginning Nov. 12 when NFL Network televises the first of its eight-game Thursday Night Football schedule. Both NFL Mobile Live and Sprint TV are available at no additional cost to Sprint data subscribers with a data plan.

The first televised game features the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Chicago Bears on NFL Network. [Editor note: the Palm Pre is unable to withstand being doused in tears, so Bears fans should use with caution - Dieter]. NFL Network’s Thursday night telecasts will be available to Sprint subscribers including games on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26) and special NFL Network games on Saturday, Dec. 19, and Christmas Day (Friday, Dec. 25).

The good news is that for those who don't have access to the NFL Network broadcasts, they'll be able to view the action from the comfort of their Palm Pre or other Sprint smartphone.

The NFL Mobile Live application is chock full of everything a football fan could want and has been a great way to keep track of the goings on while being out and about. The addition of live action video puts this app over the top, as long as the battery doesn't conk out.