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Live from Palm's CES 2010 Event! [UPDATE: Transcript + Images]

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 08 Jan 2010 7:58 am EST


Sure, we may already have suspected much of what Palm has in store for their CES 2010 annoucements this year, but we also suspect that there's a surprise or two still left in store. No need to refresh the page - just stay tuned at 11am Pacific as we bring you what Palm's got - live!

UPDATE: You want a transcript? Yes you do. It's after the break, with images and all - it seems Sprint coverage in that room wasn't so great. Bets that Verizon was rocking?

Palm @ CES 2010

10:49: Howdy everybody!

10:49: I'm in and sitting in the second row

10:49: It's a smaller room than last year, but still good stuff

10:53: Good fun music, pretty good crowd.

10:59: Silence your pagers and cell phones.   Pagers? Really?

11:00: Jon Rubenstein takes the stage!|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:00: Great to be back, amazing year for Palm

11:00: Aside from awards at CES last year, pop mech's 10 most brilian, Pogie. Geeks of the year.

11:00: Listing off awards...|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:00: Update on what they've accomplished in the last 12 months, what they'll do this year

11:00: When we designed webOS, we made a bet on the web.

11:01: Web Experience and web community heart of everything we do at Palm

11:01: It's based on Javascript, html, CSS, allowed them to reach a broad and deep dev community. Some devs here in the audiene

11:01: thank you developers for your great support

11:01: 85k downloads since July in SDK|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:01: 20k registrations for Project Ares

11:02: Clear signals of early interest

11:02: Reflected in # of aps

11:02: Dev program open to publich TODAY

11:02: 2 things they care about

11:02: 1. connected to people experiences. 2. making sure you never miss a thing

11:02: How they've deliered... Talking about Activity Card UI

11:03: Talking about gestures, synergy

11:03: Notifications

11:03: Last year we introduced the Pre

11:03: Now we have 2 devices. Pre and Pixi

11:04: Thinnest lightest, full querty touchscreen smartphone

11:04: Great first smartphone

11:04: We know people like choices, so we added ways to express yourselves

11:04: talking about artist series backs

11:04: limited

11:05: Talking up touchstone

11:06: strong and enthusiastic partners

11:06: 7 countries

11:06: video time

11:07: seeing the death of the pc...

11:07: Video still playing

11:07: Selling these products is a challenge, very powerful

11:08: Just a general feel good video, focusing on Europe right now

11:08: Video done

11:08: Jon back on stage

11:09: Today - new Euro partner

11:09: France...

11:09: SFR

11:09: SFR exec coming up Jean Marc Tassetto|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:10: Makes a joke about wine

11:10: owned by vivendi and vodafone

11:11: They reach half the French population. First French 3G company

11:11: SFR hoping to get half of their customers on smartphones

11:11: that'd be 10 million smartphones

11:11: Started in Cupertino, ended in Sunnyvale

11:11: lol

11:12: We go where the best smartphones in the world are

11:12: Enthusiastic about the products

11:13: Why did Palm choose us? We're quite good, 800 shops, this is not typical French Arrogance. He's pretty funny guy

11:14: He's done, Jon's back on stage

11:14: Back to products

11:15: Katie Mitic, SVP of product marketing

11:15: Great stuff to show us

11:15: Katie takes the stage

11:15: Two things

11:15: Palm developer programs

11:15: new product developments

11:15: 6 months closed beta

11:15: Dev program formally opens today|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:15: applause

11:16: Any developer can submit webOS app to Palm for distribution in any of the 7 markets in whic they do business

11:16: Three advantages to thier paltform

11:16: easy development, groundbraking integration, freedom and choice

11:16: Thankful to those who have helped them reach their


11:16: Showing graph to 1000 apps|url@txtUrl|url2@txtLnkUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight#

11:17: In december announced project ares

11:17: Look forward to incredible growth in app catalog this year

11:17: All these apps work together.

11:17: webos provides new level of integration

11:17: they can share data, content, services

11:18: You can put linked in into your app. You can integrate game schedules into your calendar

11:18?: get real time alearts on stuff happening in the game

11:18: Thanks to google, yahoo, facebook, linked in, many more

11:18: Freedom and choice

11:18: Application distribution - new approach

11:19: Developers looking for more and better distribution. consumers want better ways to find them

11:19: Watched web develop to connect them

11:19: Why don't we do that?

11:19: Today we are

11:19: Opening up database of app information, descriptions, ratings reviews, downlads, stats, etc

11:19: opening it up to entire web community.

11:19: oh boy - watch this



11:20: showing off project appetite

11:20: surf website, find applications

11:20: very slick


Palm @ CES 2010

11:20: It's a demonstation of Palm's app ecosystem

11:21: Feeds, mechanism,s, data... just make their business better

11:21: they're introducting Hot Apps Bonus Program

11:21: 1 million dollars in bonuses to developers with the most downloads

11:22: Developers want more :)

11:22: Today announcingin the Palm webOs plugin developerment kit

11:22: PDK Plugin Developerment Kit

Palm @ CES 2010

11:22: Developers can build plugins for web applications

11:22: devs can make C and C++ apps

11:23: PDK released in march at a game developer conference

11:23: some early access partners they've worked with

11:23: TODAY - have hot new game titles available in app catalog

11:23: they use PDK

11:23: Gameloft, EA, Glu

11:23: Sims 3, Need for Speed, let's golf

Palm @ CES 2010

11:23: scrabble

11:24: Availble for US today for Palm pre customers in Palm app catalog

11:24: If you're a gamer, you know EA

11:24: They're the worldwide leader in mobile gaming

11:24: Travis Boatman of EA takes the stage

11:24: Tetis, Monoplogy, sims3, rock band

11:24: This SDK is great

11:25: Great API

11:25: Excellent acceleremeter, excellent gameplay

11:25: Great performance, great famerate

11:25: easy to use

11:25: lol, they're mocking the people who didn't believe in the Need for Speed leak

11:26: talking abut Sims3.

11:26: DAMN it looks GOOD

Palm @ CES 2010

11:26: 3d, moving around, very cool

11:26: Scrolling around, zooming in and out

11:26: the graphics and effects are very cool

11:26: Need for Speed Demo next

11:27: The worlds largest racing franchise

11:27: Nissan GTR

11:27: Music playing

11:27: customizing the look of the car

11:27: customizing the spoiler.

11:27: effects gameplay

11:28: Showing car in race, in real time, in full 3d, good framerate

11:28: using accelerometer for steering

11:28: Hits Nitro, blasts music, it's going great with no jaggies

11:28: maqn i hope this stuff comes out this month

11:29: Available TODAY

11:29: Katie takes the stage again

11:29: Thanks EA

11:29: Next up - Paul Cousineau, directer of product marketing

11:29He takes a photo of Katie, Funny

11:29: Best thing about webOS is its ability to evolve and grow

11:30: Today, new feature that many of you have been wanting - VIDEO RECORDING


11:30: Record, edit, and share video on webOS

11:30: Showing a demo of the Video he jsut took of Katie

11:30: Taps a button with a timeline, thumbnails, he can cut the video down

11:31: voila, shorter video

Palm @ CES 2010

11:31: Sharing.. taps sharing... upload to youtube, facebook, email, or MMS

Palm @ CES 2010

11:31: Tag it, category, off it goes in the *background*

11:31: now the palm pre is the best phone on the market truely

11:31: Wil be available in Feb to ALL customers

11:31: no new hardware required

11:32: Showing the plugin dev kit games in webOS

11:32: Goes back to Sims3 card

11:32: Showing sims3

11:32: Going fishing at the park

11:33: Video: no new hardware

11:33: He said all webOS customers in feb

11:33: when you go in card view, game auto-pauses

11:33: showing that the youtube video just finished uploaded

Palm @ CES 2010

11:33: Showing notifications, responding to an SMS

11:33: back to fishing

11:33: another notification pops up

11:34: taps on notificaiton (in landscape) and goes straight to message, game pauses in bakcground

11:34: Goes to browser

11:34: flash 10

11:34: Hello flash, how are you

11:34: demoing flash video movie preview at yahoo movies

11:35: It's good - avatar preview. Looks like medium quality

Palm @ CES 2010

11:35: Pre customers can get beta "soon"

11:35: from app catalog

11:36: Dashboard now has that YouTube notification, has a option to tap to share it

11:36: facebook, messaging, or email

11:36: post directly to facebook status

11:36 : Goes back through cards, has a bunch open :)

11:37: Flash, full gaming, video, C and C++ This is bigger than I thought

11:37: Katie takes the stage again

11:37: OTA software updates - they are really awesome

11:37: Give us capability to give them new functionality

11:37: Nine software updates since june

11:37: more than once a month

11:37: scrolling through the improvements

11:38: email search, battery, yahoo, EAS improvements, more more more

11:38: fitting that the update icon is a gift box

11:38: Pace of web development to the mobile environment

11:38: Don't want customers to have to wait

11:38: Big software update in Feb

11:38: More battery, performance, video

11:39: Developer Program, Hot apps, webos PDK, hot 3d games, video, Flash 10 browser

11:39: She invites Jon back to the stage for more exciting things

11:39: Applause

11:40: We've been hard at work

11:40: today announcing 2 new products

11:40: pre plus

Palm @ CES 2010

11:40: no center button - woot!

11:40: bye bye center button

11:40: 16 gigs of memory

11:40: doubled internal memory

11:40: comes with inductive back cover

11:40: touchstone ready out of the box

11:40: Pixi plus

11:41: thin, lightweight

11:41: pixi plus has wifi

11:41: Perfect choice from feature phone to 1st smartphone

11:41: Whoa, lots of colors

Palm @ CES 2010

11:41: lime green, sky blue, orange (bright) and pink

11:41: Choices

11:41: choice of carrier

11:42: proud to announce

11:42: pre plus and pixi plus available exclusively on Verizon

11:42: EXCLUSIVE to Verizon

Palm @ CES 2010

11:42: applause

11:42: New application exclusive to pre plus and pixi plus

11:42: mobile hotspot


11:42: only for verizon, pixi plus and pre plus

Palm @ CES 2010

11:42: "Add the appropriate feature to your voice and data plan"

11:43: 5 total connections

11:43: Share a short message, from John Stratton, CMO of verizon

11:43: bad weather prevented live video feed, so showing a recording

11:44: Launches Jan 25th

11:44: Both available then

11:44: jokes - refuses to announce price

11:45: Verizon fired up about Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

11:46: Recap

11:46: Palm and SFR in france, 2nd quarter

11:46: full dev program, app submissions, more ways to bring consumers and developers together

11:46: dev program open today

11:46: New 3d games

11:47: He loves Need for Speed

11:47: can't get through the third level

11:47: Available now in the US in teh app catalog

11:47: Play monopoly during Intel keynote

11:47: video over the air, free, to every pre and pixi on the planet

11:47: comes with webOS 1.4

11:47: that's in feb

Palm @ CES 2010

11:48: Real flash, flash 10, available in app catalog soon

11:48: with work with any pre with webOS 1.4

11:48: (that's not the pixi, then)

11:48: Jan 25th, Pixi Plus and Pre Plus - exclusive

11:48: Mobile Hotspot too

11:48: Yay, we get to hold them ourselves this time at the Palm demo room

11:49: At the last CES I told you Palm was back, and we meant it

11:49: we've been working extraordinarily hard to deliver this

11:49: Thanks to everybody

11:49: round of applause for everybody