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M"Pre"3 video player knock-off does things your Pre doesn't

by Derek Kessler Thu, 26 May 2011 7:19 pm EDT

See that above? That’s what PreCentral reader Treiz found at his local Best Buy store, an Ematic E6 4GB Touch Screen MP3 Video Player. And, uh, it might look familiar to the webOS faithful out there. Yeah, it apes the design of an original Palm Pre pretty well, all the way down to a buttony thing at the bottom center and a speaker grille at the top. We’re not sure, but we are going to call it the M"Pre"3.

Either way, this sucker has a 3-inch touch screen (resistive - it has a stylus!), a 5MP camera (more pixels than the Pre) that does photo and video duty, a voice recorder (which your webOS 1.4.5 Pre doesn’t have access to without homebrew or an upgrade webOS 2.1, let alone built-in), some variety of eBook reader software, and an FM radio (not in any webOS device, alas). Is it better than your Pre? Probably not. In fact, we’d wager it’s probably much worse, even in comparison to a fully Oreo-d original Pre. Heck, the MPre3 doesn’t even have a keyboard, and we’re not even saying anything about what OS it runs (hint: it’s definitely not webOS). Regardless, it’s amusing even today to see devices still aping the original Pre. Oh, hey, it comes in multiple colors!

Source: Ematic; Thanks to Treiz for the pic!