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Made Simple for webOS guide book comes to App Catalog

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Nov 2009 6:35 pm EST

Made Simple for webOS While user guides for the iPhone may be getting in trouble because they have the word “iPhone” in their titles, we’re seeing no such issues with the Palm webOS App Catalog. Landing recently in the App Catalog is Made Simple Learning’s first on-device guide for webOS phones: Made Simple for webOS.

The interactive cross-referenced guide stretches for some 1500 pages and covers just about every facet of out-of-the-box life with the Palm Pre. Made Simple for webOS features easy navigation that is claimed to get you to any point in the book with just two taps - and that’s something that we simply couldn’t dispute.

Not only does Made Simple for webOS cover how to use the phone itself, it also examines third party applications like Pandora and sync solutions like iTunes and doubleTwist. The guide also covers numerous tips and tricks, such as how to copy and paste text, work with Card view, and more. All of these tips, tricks, and how-to’s are accompanied by more than one thousand annotated screenshots.

Made Simple for webOS is available for download now in the App Catalog for $4.99.