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Ready for the HP TouchPad commercial onslaught? Of course you are. We doubt this is going to be a soft launch like the HP Veer was, and we’ve got boxer Manny Pacquiao in the ring to assuage our fears with the very first official TouchPad commercial.

It’s styled in the same manner as his and Miranda Crosgrove’s Veer ads, with the device held up in front of them while they interact with app cards to demonstrate the seamless multitasking we’ve come to love. Pacquiao’s ad also shows off the Photos & Videos, Calendar, and Browser apps, with Flash twice demonstrated in the browser (including a full Flash-based YouTube demo). The commercial is very well made and targets the strongest point that webOS has in its favor: multitasking. It ends with HP’s manly man narrator saying “Flick, stack, and move between open apps seamlessly. Only on the HP TouchPad with webOS. Works like nothing else.” We could get used to that slogan, especially if HP's planning to blanket the airways before the TouchPad's release in just over a week. Commercial’s after the break.