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by MetaView Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:44 pm EST
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Professional (& ad-free) version of the webOS contest winner application: MapTool.

MapTool is the state-of-the-art map app for webOS.

Most appreciate features are:

  • online and offline maps (maps based on free OpenStreetMap project and in most cases even more detailed than Google Maps)
  • track recording, track infos, track upload to OpenStreetMap project, track export as gpx and simultaneous display of a 2nd track
  • online route calculation and storing as kml file for offline use
  • targets and navigation infos
  • different coordinate system
  • geocaching support
  • intelligent map cache algorithm which speeds up the normal online use
  • mass-downloader for offline maps for later use abroad or without reliable online connection
  • handy dashboard showing the most important trip features
  • map only view without controls and top and bottom info panel
  • photo layer over map with photos and images from Flickr and Panoramio (Check the video for a basic usage guide. It shows you the free version which you also can find in the app catalog.)


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