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March 1st For Pre Launch?

by Jennifer Chappell Mon, 02 Feb 2009 6:46 pm EST

Everyone is wondering when the Palm Pre will be released. The rumor mills have been spinning wildly since the day that Palm announced the Pre at CES. We've posted on the persistent rumor that the Pre will be released on February 15th.

This rumor is still hanging on, but we still think the February 15th date is pretty unlikely. But... it is possible. We certainly haven't read anything set in stone. Dieter posted about two separate reports claiming that Sprint employees have been training up on the Pre. One of those claims came from Sarah Lacy, the reporter who got the new Pre features out of McNamee during her interview.

Palm told us that the Pre would be released the first half of 2009. We reported recently that Palm's spokesperson Lynn Fox told Laptop Magazine that Palm has no plans to change the launch time. Fox said that in reference to being questioned about Palm being in the crosshairs of a possible Apple patent lawsuit.

As of late, there are some posts over at the TreoCentral threads in which some people have talked to customer service representatives, trying to squeeze out a Pre release date. For example, in  this thread, xxgersonxx posted that he had chatted with three Best Buy reps, and that all three had confirmed the February 15th launch date. Plus, there is a thread entitled "Yet another source confirms Feb 15 release". Two forum members stated that they had spoken with Sprint people who told them that the Pre would be available mid-February.

And today, we read an article over at Palm preSchool that was posted back in January. Palm preSchool believes that we'll see the Pre on the shelves on March 1st, 2009. They believe that Palm has been secretly communicating the date with us since the Pre was introduced at CES. What's the secret communication they're referring to? Well, have you noticed that every image of the Pre shows a time of 3:01? Like in 03-01-09? Now wouldn't that be wild if March 1st turns out to be the release date and we've all been seing this on the pics of the Pre all this time? Hey, ya never know.

Update:  Thanks to Vyruz Reaper over in the TreoCentral forums for the update:

"Palm seems to imply that maybe we ought not read into this:"

"Someone's been re-reading The DaVinci Code a few too many times"

" would be a lot easier to not spin conspiracy theories if we HAD THE RELEASE DATE"