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March Smartphone Madness Championship: Palm Pre Plus takes on the Motorola Droid [UPDATE: And wins!]

by Derek Kessler Mon, 05 Apr 2010 9:36 am EDT

Palm Pre Plus tops Motorola Droid in March Smartphone Madness Tournament UPDATE: In the end, it was no contest. The Pre Plus struck out an early lead and never let up. Even with four days of voting and more than 32,000 votes cast, the Pre held a commanding 65% to 35% lead over the Motorola Droid from the opening bell. Congrats to Palm, and big ups to the webOS community for rallying like you did. It's over now - and the Pre Plus is the champion!


It’s been a grueling challenge that’s seen more than it’s share of upsets (BlackBerry Tour topping the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre Plus trouncing the Nexus One (and BlackBerry Bold (and HTC HD2))), but now it’s all come down to one final match-up. For the championship. Of the world.

Laptop Magazine’s March Smartphone Madness has come to the finals, with the Palm Pre Plus taking on the Motorola Droid (hot off of crushing the iPhone-beating BlackBerry Tour). In many ways, it’s unsurprising to see two Verizon phones going head-to-head for the championship, but we have to admit that the groundswell of support for the Pre Plus has been overwhelming. Now it all comes down to this - after handily trumping the heavily-favored Nexus One during the first round, the Pre Plus is gunning for the next-best Android phone on the market today. It’s guaranteed to be a good fight.

For this to be a good fight, we need everybody to play clean. If it's not a fair win, it doesn't mean much, now does it?. Voting is open from now until 9 AM Eastern April 5th.

(And before you ask, no, we’re not going to pin this - but we'll toss it up in the sidebar, which makes the poll appear on darn near every page on the site.)

Thanks to everybody that has sent (and will send) this in.