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Mark/Space releases GoGadget media sync for webOS + GIVEAWAY!

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 Nov 2009 7:23 pm EST


If this cat-and-mouse game with Palm and Apple over iTunes is getting on your nerves and solutions like DoubleTwist or Salling Media Sync just aren’t good enough for you, then Mark/Space may have the solution for which you’ve been waiting. It’s called GoGadget, and it pulls the media synchronization features of their The Missing Sync for webOS desktop software out and bundles them into a tight little package. We'll be giving away five copies of GoGadget during this week's PalmCast Live - details are after the break.

For $19.95, GoGadget brings iTunes and Windows Media Player music syncing (with playlists, genres, album art, and all that jazz), ringtone creation and sync, photo transfers, video conversion and sync, and even documents transfers - all over USB. So what’s missing from The Missing Sync? Bookmarks, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, and WiFi proximity syncing (which only applied to non-media items anyway). GoGadget truly is just media synchronization, and if that’s all you want it’ll save you $20 over the full The Missing Sync.


We had the opportunity to try out GoGadget and, simply put, it works like a charm. The initial synchronization (6.5 GB for us) can take a bit longer than we like, but after that first go ‘round subsequent syncs were handled quickly and hitch-free. As an added bonus, all of the files are stored in the open on the USB Drive partition, so if you want to share something that’s on your phone you can do so with ease. Even better, all your music files are sorted by artist and don't suffer from the convoluted alphanumeric names that iTunes inflicts.

GoGadget is available for $19.95 from the Mark/Space website, though only a Mac version is currently available for purchase. If you want to try it out, there is also a seven-day trial for the Mac version, or a 14-day trial for the PC public beta.

So about that giveaway... we've partnered with Mark/Space to give away five copies of GoGadget. The giveaway will be held during this week's PalmCast Live, broadcasting on Tuesday, November 17 at 8 PM Eastern. Tune in and we'll give the details on how to enter.