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McGrath issues progress update for Open webOS

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 May 2012 4:46 pm EDT

McGrath issues progress update for Open webOS

Current interim head of webOS developer relations Enda McGrath today posted a progress update for webOS' journey to open source. If you've looked at the roadmap first issued back in January, HP's plans called for May and June to be quiet months, with the release steam picking up in July with stuff like the Luna system manager and the core applications for Open webOS 1.0 (presumably rebuilt with the new Enyo 2.0). May… well, there was no entry for May on the roadmap.

That doesn't mean the webOS group is resting on their laurels. Despite recent departures, the Enyo team is still chugging along, with Ben Combee and McGrath pitching in to help with Enyo presentations at this week's Fluent 2012 JavaScript conference in San Francisco. HP and Enyo are sponsoring Fluent this year, we assume with the hopes of getting the attention of starving JavaScript developers to code their next creations using web-based Enyo.

On the code announcements front, while HP isn't releasing any new bytes this month, McGrath did reveal that the webOS cloud services group has started development on "a set of Enyo API's." What functionality those API's will offer is an unknown at this point, though McGrath says that they are "thinking creatively about how all of webOS's capabilities can come together" for the developer, which we hope means some innovative - and more importantly, useful - stuff.

And, as noted last week, practically all aspects of the webOS organization have open spots that they're actively trying to hire into. And that's not just because people have left for greener pastures, though there have been plenty who have. As McGrath points out, you can work on Open webOS in public and offer your contributions to the project, or you can do that as part of HP and get paid to do so. And then get poached by Apple or Google or Nokia.