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McKinney teases webOS tablet for February 9th

by Derek Kessler Fri, 07 Jan 2011 3:07 pm EST

We’ve all but assumed that we’ll finally get to see a webOS tablet on February 9th, but it’s been far from confirmed. HP CTO Phil McKinney, however, seems to be so excited by the prospect that he can’t help but help but tease the device. In an interview with HP’s The Next Bench blog, McKinney (correctly) predicted that CES 2011 would be a tablet extravaganza, then hinted that the webOS tablet HP promised for early 2011 might actually be revealed next month:

“Darren pressed me on this one, but you will not see a webOS tablet from HP at CES this year. That said, we promised to deliver one in 2011 and we will. There is some worthwhile reading here for those of you interested in the topic.”

Yeah, we’d say a tablet’s just about a sure bet for February 9th.