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McKinney: webOS to be integrated with Windows on PCs

by Derek Kessler Mon, 14 Feb 2011 9:33 pm EST

HP made kind of a big point out of their plans for webOS beyond the smartphone and tablet during last week’s Think Beyond event, but it was rather unclear to us and everybody else sitting in the audience how exactly HP planned to bring webOS to the desktop (and printers). Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times sat down with HP CTO Phil McKinney to chat about that and more, and McKinney did open up the bag of tricks a little bit more.

There’s been plenty of confusion about how exactly webOS would find its way onto desktop and laptop machines. McKinney cleared that up: this won’t be webOS running in some sort of virtualization mode: HP intends for you to be able to run apps in “an integrated webOS experience” and that you’ll be able to “develop you webOS app that’ll run on your phone, your slate, and your PC.” Sounds slick, eh?

Considering that the Enyo preview and Think Beyond demo took place inside the HTML5-compliant Google Chrome browser, running webOS apps in some sort of web-tech environment for the desktop doesn’t seem that far fetched.

McKinney was careful to emphasize that HP’s relationship with Microsoft hasn’t changed. Much. They’re going to continue to ship Windows desktops and laptops for the foreseeable future, and are even working with Microsoft on making Windows 8 some sort of awesome. But when it comes to mobility, HP is all in with webOS, and devices like the HP Slate 500 aren’t going to happen in the future.

Source: Seattle Times