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by tonyparisi Thu, 07 Jan 2010 7:34 pm EST
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Added PC View And Control

Now Supporting VLC

The App is ahead of the app catalog (coming out soon).. The price of the server is $4.99 and includes 1 year of upgrades. To purchase see: Media Remote Site

Why this app not the other ones in the catalog?

  • We Created both parts of the application palm pre and pc application so better integration between them.
  • We allow pc mouse and keyboard control.
  • You can view your pc desktop and control.
  • Support for the server because that is what you are purchasing. (That is the sticking point for most users
  • We dont hide the fact that you need another application installed!
  • We have a richer interface.


This application lets you control your media player on your pc from your pre. The application has two parts one is an application that runs on the pc (currently windows only) and listens on port 63342 for controls from the pre.
For more detailed information please see the following site:


Media Remote Site



  • v0.5.0 - Initial Release
  • v0.5.1 - Bug Fixes This should resolve issues of not entering a connection string (still using the input widget may change later)
  • v0.7.0 -
    • See Upcoming songs in playlist
    • Jump to a song in the upcoming list
    • Able to see full titles
    • Graphics Enhancments
    • Check for connection to the server prior to launch
  • v0.8.0 (current) [Requires V4 of server]
    • View the full playlist
    • Search for songs in the playlist
    • Jump to a song in the playlist
    • View All Playlist
    • Change Playlist
    • Jump to a song in the playlist
    • PC Control
  • v0.8.3 [Requires V4 of server]
    • Bug Fixes to the view playlists


  • v3.0.0 - Push Notification (This has been test and works for some players just not available through palm yet for real phones)

Currently the following media players are supported by the server:

  • Windows Media Player/Center
  • Winamp
  • ITunes (windows)
  • Media Monkey [unable to control repeat]
  • XBMC - I believe this means boxee as well but i didnt have it to test it yet.
  • VLC (Doesnt allow changing playlist) - Insure you enable the web interface for VLC

Currently working on:

Hopes for future Media Players:

  • SongBird
  • Others????

Unfortunately I am a java and c# so other will be slow but I will try to do others, If you would like to help making a server let me know. If you like this please donate - My time unfortunately is not infinite I do not want to have to be forced to charge people to use this, or future apps:

The zip file contains the server app. Just extract the zip and run the exe when you want to control your media player. The IP address of your computer on your local network should be shown. You may have to open firewall ports for 63342 or port forward on your router if you dont want to have to be on wifi in your home, also you would have to find your extrenal ip to come throught a router not on wifi. 

-- See the developer site to purchase the server...

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Closed Source - Learn More


Server has to be purchased

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