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Mini-cards coming to Open webOS Galaxy Nexus port

by Derek Kessler Sun, 25 Nov 2012 4:06 pm EST

Mini-cards coming to Open webOS Galaxy Nexus portStarting with webOS 2.0, we lost something near and dear to our multitasking hearts: the mini card view. With the addition of card stacks in webOS 2.0, Palm made the decision to drop the easy-rearranging miniature cards to enable the stacking of cards. The slowed things down a bit when it comes to moving your cards around, but that's how it has to go sometimes.

Or so we thought. webOS 3.0 carried over the same card stacks, and they're also present in Open webOS. But when HP decided to open source part of webOS 3.0.5 as the webOS Community Edition, it didn't take long for the WebOS Ports crew working on the homebrew LunaCE enhancements to re-implement mini-cards in conjunction with card stacks.

Seeing as Open webOS is more or less an open source version of webOS 3.0.5, it shouldn't come as a surprise that tweaks and enhancements from LunaCE are making their way into WebOS Port's process of porting Open webOS onto the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Such as… mini cards! As posted onto the Twitters by WebOS Ports's Josh Palmer (known 'round these parts as ShiftyAxel), cards in the Galaxy Nexus port can now get their tiny on. So, fear not, they're not just porting Open webOS over and making it look pretty - improvements are happening too.