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The recent AT&T Developer webcast went over fantastically well for those that had the opportunity to join it live. AT&T gave away an HP Veer 4G, we learned about the passion levels of the webOS community (which are far beyond other communities) and it generally gave a lot of developers a good first-look at why building for webOS (specifically Enyo and webOS 3.0) is a great idea. If you missed the live broadcast, though, you are in luck: AT&T has posted the hour-long webcast video and presentation, given by Josh Marinacci of webOS Dev Relations, on their website for people to check out whenever they have the time available. 

Click through the source link below to listen (or re-listen) to the  webcast on Enyo and TouchPad mobile development that is packed with a lot of info for new and intermediate developers. Sadly, they aren't giving away anymore devices to viewers of this webcast. But hey, there'll be other opportunities to get a free device in the future.