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The Missing Sync to Come for Palm Pre!

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 06 Jun 2009 6:29 pm EDT

If you've been struggling with trying to sync your Palm Pre to your computer intstead of to the cloud, looks like we have great news for you.  We just received the above teaser from mark/space, creators of the excellent "The Missing Sync" software for syncing Windows Mobile, PalmOS, and the iPhone to both Mac and PC.  Add one more smartphone platform to the list: The Missing Sync for Palm Pre.

Per their site, looks like you're going to be able to sync darn near everything you could desire: Contacts, Music, Photos, Ringtones, Calendars, Documents, Bookmarks (!), and podcasts.  Our favorite feature: Proxmity Sync:

Sync without thinking! Contacts and calendars sync automatically over WiFi when your Pre is near your Mac.

Looks like it may hit the Mac before it hits the PC, but as a longtime lover of the software over Palm Desktop, this is great news.