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A Mixture of Themes -- Red & Black (Version 2) 42

by Prince_Basil Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:45 pm EST
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Hey everyone, I'm back with this theme. I think its pretty much done. I've edited many images from the UI. But anyways, I've added the following patches: Email Scrim Messaging Scrim Contact Scrim I've also already have the images installed into the wallpaper's folder so make sure you don't have these patches installed. I've used different themes to make this one theme. I hope you guys like it. Thanks to all the theme-ers who I've used their stuff. Credit goes to all of you for doing such an awesome job! I hope all the icons change as well, I tried really hard to locate the root of the icons especially now with the 1.3.5 update. Haha. But thanks again. I hope you like the theme. Let me know what else you'd like to see different. And the previews aren't updating to the way the theme is supposed to look like so just install and see what it really looks like for yourself. Thanks!

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