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by Garfonso on 2/20/2015 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

REQUIRES webOS 2.2.4 or later!
MoboReader is a Pocket client (formerly Read it Later)
It is designed to never get into your way. All background operations stay exactly there: in the background. You can read while other articles and content is downloaded, no problem.
It is completely prepared for offline operations. Article content and images are downloaded and stored on disk. But also article actions like archive, delete, favorite or even adding new articles are stored if no network is available and done during the next refresh.
Additionally it supports Spritz. Spritz is a tool for much faster reading.
How to use:
On the first start it will force you to log into Pocket. For that it will open a webView (this is a bit flakey, because I use Enyo 2 and webview on phones is a Mojo-thing never really integrated into Enyo/Enyo 2. If you just see a white screen try to scroll a bit). After you did that, it will already start working. First it downloads the article list and displays that too you. In the background it will also download the articles contents.
If an article has a yellowish background the contents is not yet downloaded. If you open it, download will be triggered immediately and you'll be presented with the contents as soon as they come in.
If an article has a greyish background that means it is marked to be archived or deleted and will be cleaned up on next refresh.

If you tap on an article the article contents will be displayed. Nothing fancy here. If you tap on the Title the article will open in the browser. There are the obvious buttons in the bottom toolbar, including archiving the article, deleting it, marking as favorite (or unmark, if it already is marked as favorite). "Copy url" copies the article url into the system clipboard for you to share the article with your friends. The "Refresh" button forces a new download of the article content, if something has gone wrong or so.

If you tap the spritz button, the Spritz display opens. You see a canvas opening up in the middle of the screen displaying the first word of the article. Below that are a rewind button (rewinds to the first word), a back button (goes back one sentences), a play button (starts the action) a next button (goes to start of next sentence) and the display to how many words per minute (WPM) Spritz is currently configured.
Above the word display is a login/logout button. In order to go faster than 450 WPM, Spritz requires you to log into an account, here you can start that progress.
I added some convenience tap areas. If you tap on the word display that is like play / pause. If you tap in the light grey area around the Spritz display you set the speed. The closer to the right screen your tap is the more WPM you will get. Also this is play / pause.
To go back from spritzing either do a back gesture or tap on the dark grey area with the X.

One more secret trick:
In the article list if you hold on the refresh button a popup will open. It contains three different refresh options. "Fast refresh" is what the button always does, it will process all actions that happened to your pocket account since the last sync. "Full refresh" will process your complete article list, throw away locally what is not on the server and download whatever might be missing. This can help if you feel your local list looks much different than the remote list. "Delete & refresh" deletes all local content and starts a fresh. Do that if something really goes haywire.

Settings are:
The first setting allows sorting the article list differently. Either sort for date added, ascending or descending or article title or article url. These are the options that pocket allows.
Then there is the font size in the article view. No other font sizes can be configured. "Go back on archive" is default. If you deselect this, you will stay in the article view if you tap on archive / delete for further reading and have to go back to the list manually.
Then you can activate / deactivate Spritz and configure if you want to download the Spritz data for offline reading, too. Spritz needs to process every article you want to Spritzify on its servers. It either happens during article download (this box checked) or when you try to start the Spritz process (box unchecked or download went wrong).
And last but not least a button to logout from the Pocket account which will delete all local articles and force you to login into (possibly another) account.
Patches: See forum thread for browser patches.
1.1.5: Fixed: Sometimes images were not saved correctly. Added: Allow parallel downloads if one article takes a lot of time to download.
1.1.4: Fixed: Sometimes articles were not properly downloaded after adding.
1.1.3: Fixed: Spritz data was not downloaded, if spritz disabled on first download but activated later. Fixed some crashes on articles with invalid images.
1.1.2: Rewrote parts of the content download. Will be more robust now. Fixed some issues with images not showing, too. Also service now is always running, if app is running, so there should be much shorter delays when requesting article content from service.
1.0.1: Added setting to hide images in article list to speed up scrolling on legacy phones.
1.0.0: Initial release