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by sconix Wed, 13 Jan 2010 5:22 pm EST
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Mode Switcher tries to bring Mode (kind of profiles) support for WebOS. With this application it's possible to create and manage Modes. At this point Mode can control the following things:

  • Airplane mode
  • Calendar settings (alert, ringtone)
  • Connection settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, data, phone)
  • Messaging settings (alert, ringtone, IM status)
  • Network settings (voice/data roaming, network type)
  • Email settings (alert, ringtone, sync time)
  • Ringer settings (ringtone and ringer on/off alert)
  • Screen settings (brightness, timeout, LED/banner notifications, wallpaper)
  • Security settings (pin/password lock mode)
  • Sound settings (ringtone, system, media volume)
  • Touchstone Screen On/Off
  • Open/Close Applications
  • Control other apps like Govnah

Modes can be activated manually or to be set to activate automatically on trigger events. Supported trigger events are:

  • Placing phone on touchstone charger
  • Connecting phone on usb or wall charger
  • Certain time on certain days
  • Based on location, if GPS is enabled
  • Based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection
  • Based on headset connected state
  • Based on battery level
  • Based on foreground application
  • Based on calendar events
  • Based on silent switch state
  • Based on screen state


BSD License Open Source - Learn More


Currently available for free from homebrew catalog

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