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While we're not going to glance askance at the ringer switch on Palm's devices, we've been waiting with bated breath for a more robust solution for setting profiles on our webOS devices. Enter homebrew developer sconix, whose Mode Switcher app is perhaps the most customizable profiles app we've seen on any platform.

Mode switcher lets you set up custom profiles based on all sorts of factors, like whether the phone is on the Touchstone, a charger, the time of day, location, battery level, based on calendar events (like when you're in a meeting), and, yes, that ringer switch.

Those profiles are equally robust, letting you change settings for Airplane mode, alert settings, ringer settings, Govnah overclock settings, security settings, and plenty more.

Check out the Mode Switcher thread in our forums for details on installation and usage. While you're there, give sconix a huge thumbs up for an epic homebrew app.

Thanks, Dustin!