PDK apps to get scaled up on TouchPad, Mojo apps still stuck in their little window | webOS Nation

PDK apps to get scaled up on TouchPad, Mojo apps still stuck in their little window

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:08 am EDT

It was just last week that we managed to get a look at what old Mojo-based webOS apps would look like on the TouchPad, and they look like an emulated phone with a virtual gesture area, running webOS apps built for a 320x480 screen. It’s not exactly ideal, but it really gives us an indication of how well Mojo really didn’t scale to the large screen size. HP confirmed on the HP webOS Developer Blog that all current Mojo apps would be available to TouchPad owners through the App Catalog, and that they’ll run in the previously discussed “compatibility mode” with an onscreen keyboard and gesture area. As noted earlier, developer will also be able to make their Mojo apps go full-screen, but then they loose the emulated gesture area and keyboard access.

What’s more promising is how PDK apps will handle the jump to the TouchPad: they’re getting scaled up. The apps will run in a “PDK portability mode” that will scale the native-coding apps up to full screen on the TouchPad. This is great for games like Angry Birds and Need For Speed, which don’t use the gesture area or webOS keyboard, but for PDK apps that do, there’s a hitch: your app won’t be automatically added to the TouchPad App Catalog (though the app review team apparently will be reaching out to developers that fall under that small umbrella).

So, at the very least, there will be a few thousand apps available on the TouchPad App Catalog. With submissions having just opened for TouchPad apps, we don’t know how many apps specifically designed for the tablet will be available at launch. But at least we’ll have Angry Birds.