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More on Bell Pre, plus Telus too?

by Jason Robitaille Thu, 12 Feb 2009 1:05 pm EST

A while ago we brought information that the Palm Pre was coming to Bell Canada and earlier today we found a rumoured release date of "late Q2 or early Q3". Well, now we have a somewhat conflicting report from a user named MacD at HowardForums. He tells PreCentral that he works at a Bell World store and Palm representatives came and chatted about the Centro, Treo Pro, and Pre (though they didn't have a demo Pre on them). He went on saying:

Pre isn't coming to Canada until closer to year end from what I hear. It'd suck so hard if that means end of Q3-Q4...

That's quite different from today's earlier revelation of a Q2-Q3 launch possibility.  However, we have heard from another source that Bell plans on launching the Pre on the same day that Sprint does.  As for what that date will be, well, your guess is as good as ours

In other Canadian news, a tipster at the MobileSyrup forums, named Kronk86, says in no uncertain terms:

Oh, and the Pre is coming mid year to TELUS. March i think is the release for Sprint.

Which in itself is interesting, but then he follows up later in page 2 of the thread saying:

The word is TELUS will be releasing in the first half of the year.

It may sound strange to have both carriers launching the same new phone at the same time, but a similar thing happened with the Blackberry Storm: both national CDMA carriers fought for the Storm, and both ended up launching the device at the same time anyway.  Though let's just hope that's where the similarities to the Storm's launch end, if you catch my drift.

Update: MacD from Howardforums wanted to clarify:

Just for clarification, the Pre was only mentioned when I brought it up. It was not part of the presentation at all

This could mean that what the Palm representatives told him were simple offhand estimates.