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More Pre FAQ: Office support, video capture, and more

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 May 2009 9:30 am EDT

Excel on Pre

So, those crafty buggers behind Inside Sprint Now have done it again. This time, it’s a second set of frequently asked questions, though this time it appears that the questions have not been lifted from the support documents, but are instead those that Inside Sprint Now has received from readers.

There are some mundane questions, like if you can receive calls during USB mode (no), disable browser cookies (yes), choose your calendar colors (yes), run multiple IM conversations (yes), set your music as a ringtone (yes), and so forth. But there are interesting questions too, like how much does this Palm Backup service cost? Nothing, at least out of your pocket. Apparently video capture will not be in the mix at launch, but ISN says "hang in there as great things are on the way, and as the Palm Pre uses the webOS, updates are just a gesture away!"

Oh, and here’s an interesting little bit, though how to interpret it is not exactly clear:

Office 2007 - Any issues?
Nope. Go ahead, tell your boss about it, and bring it to work. Welcome to life with the Pre - it just works!

Huh. Is that referring to the Doc Viewer application icon that we’ve glimpsed before, or is this something more sinister, perhaps DataViz’s (launch partner!) superb Documents to Go software will be on the Pre at launch. Either way, we’re now in the less-than-two-months-left window, so keep you ears to the ground for more news.

Thanks to Peter and Mahootzki for the tip!