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More Sprint Training for Pre, Sprint Firings?

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 May 2009 7:45 am EDT

With the rate that rumors are coming in these days, there must be something in the air at Sprint. Unfortunately for some, that something is a pink slip. We have a report from PreThinking in three parts.  The first being that Business Unit managers at Sprint have actually been participating in online training for the Pre for a few weeks now.  We're sure that training up the Business Unit doesn't mean anything special -- but we're starting to be intrigued by the possibility and Palm and Sprint might try to make an enterprise play with the Pre despite their claims that they're aiming for the "fat middle" of the market and not enterprise.

The second note comes in practically the same breath as the above: the public should brace itself for an ad blitz from Sprint and Palm unlike anything either company has ever done. A while back we head that Sprint was going to "Instinct" the Pre, i.e. pull out all the advertising stops like they did with the Instinct. If the release date rumor of June 7th is as likely as it looks, then Sprint and Palm are going to have to pull out all the stops, as Apple is widely expected to unveil its new iPhone the very next day at their World Wide Developers Conference.

Third, well, number three is a not happy note: Sprint has been terminating employees that have publicly discussed the Pre. The employees in training have signed NDAs to not discuss what they are learning, and the apparent initial punishment is termination of employment. Listen, people: we love tips, but we love it more when people keep their jobs.

Thanks to DwightShrute and Mahootzki for the tip!