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MoreStocks app coming to webOS

by Derek Kessler Sat, 10 Oct 2009 12:25 pm EDT

MoreStocks for webOS MoreStocks for webOS

More Solutions recently announced that they were bringing their MoreStocks app to webOS. The app, which was previously available on the Samsung Instinct, will be able to take advantage of the multitasking and discrete notifications of webOS, presumably to deliver market updates while you’re busy in other applications.

Apart from those notifications, MoreStocks will offer live intraday charting. MoreStocks will also backup your stocks, transactions, and preferences into the cloud, so if you ever have to completely reset your phone or switch to a new webOS device you’ll be able to easily download it all and pick up where you left off. Full press release after the break.

Thanks to B for the tip!

MoreStocks: Coming soon to Palm webOS

We are really excited to announce that MoreStocks will be coming soon to the Palm webOS platform, including the revolutionary Palm Pre. Developing for this new device has been a blast and we've been able to leverage many of the latest features of webOS, like unobtrusive notifications and multi-tasking. You'll be able to keep an eye on your stocks, while composing e-mail or browsing the web.

As users of the Instinct version of our app, we are taking this time to reassure you that MoreStocks is not going away. In fact, this new development will lead to more changes in the future! This past week's launch of real-time quotes was just the beginning. More news is coming soon.

In honor of this release, our revamped website - - was just launched and we encourage you to take a look. It features a sneak peek of the webOS version right alongside the Instinct copy.

Also, thanks to the design of MoreStocks, if and when you decide to change to a Palm webOS device, your personal stock list, including transactions, triggers and preferences are automatically migrated to the new device! You won't need to re-enter your information all over again.

If you already have or are planning to purchase a new Palm Pre, reply to this e-mail to be notified when the app is available.

Thanks again for using MoreStocks,
Your friends at More Solutions