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by VictoryLinkUSA Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:33 pm EST
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Mothers & Babies is an app for parent to monitor and track their children's growth with growth charts, using the First Timers feature to track record all the babies first time events, keep track of the pediatrician visits and appointments and all the immunization shots as well as applying all the similar features to a mother’s pregnancy and pregnancy development.

All doctor or pediatrician contact details including their phone numbers and address are also integrated into the contacts app to allow the user to reach their contacts easily.

This application supports both US and International measurements and integrates with the Palm WebOS Calendar to give the user a complete feel from the Mothers and Babies app or from the Calendar app, allowing all details to be integrated. Users can enter notes which can be linked to specific appointments.

* New Update: Added head circumference with percentile chart, Enhanced display for tracking info, Added features include photos, quick call, linked appointments to notes and more.

* Now app runs faster, Growth data has been updated and improved, now also includes option for percentile, more details have been added to allow for easy data entry.

Any questions please contact support for instant feedback.

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