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Move calendar entries between accounts

by Adam Marks Thu, 02 Dec 2010 1:12 pm EST

Calendar Entry -Choose Account With Synergy on webOS, you can bring multiple calendars from various sources together and display them all at once, show only certain calendars, or focus on just a single calendar. You can even have more than one calendar for a single source (e.g. multiple personal or shared Google calendars). However, each calendar appointment can only be tied to a single calendar account, which is initially set to your Default Calendar (as determined in the Calendar's "Preferences & Accounts"). So what happens if you want to create your calendar entry in a different account, or if you want to move an existing entry from one account to another? Simple. Just open up the calendar entry, click on the button in the top right of the screen that indicates the current Calendar account (the "PALM" button in the screenshot above), and select the calendar you want to move the entry to. Once selected, the header of the entry will change colors to match the color of that Calendar Account.

  • Note that all of your calendars may not be shown in the selection drop-down. Only those calendar you have edit-access to will be available.
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