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Move or Delete multiple files with Archive Manager

by Adam Marks Wed, 15 Aug 2012 7:08 pm EDT

Archive MangaerWhile we have had file manager apps on webOS phones for a while since the release of the amazing Internalz / InternalzPro, one limitation of that app was that you could only act on one file at a time. If you wanted to move or delete multiple files, you had to go one-by-one. With the swipe-to-delete functionality of webOS, deleting a few files at one time wasn't a big deal, but anything more than a couple was quite a chore. The release of the TouchPad brought Gemini File Manager that allowed you to interact with multiple files, but you were still limited to one file at a time for webOS smartphones. Fortunately, Archive Manager by pcworldSoftware fills in this gap by allowing you to select multiple files and then choose which action you want to perform on those.  Unfortunately, since Archive Manager is a hybrid Mojo/PDK app, it will only run webOS phones running webOS 2.1 or higher, as well as the TouchPad.

To move or delete files or folders with Archive Manager:

  1. Navigate to the desired directory within Archive Manager
  2. Scroll through the files or folders and tap the checkbox on the right-side of the screen to select the file. Note that you can power-swipe in Archive Manager to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of the listing
  3. When finished selecting, tap the archive manager action button on the bottom of the screen, select "action" in the pop-up and then choose Move or Delete
    • If you are moving files/folders, you will be presented with another screen to select the folder to move the files/folders to
    • If you are deleting files/folders, you will need to confirm the delete on a pop-up menu on the bottom of the screen.

Archive Manager is available in the webOS App Catalog for $1.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 2.1 or higher.

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