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Mozilla Seabird concept phone - snazzy and running Android? [video]

by Derek Kessler Tue, 28 Sep 2010 10:28 am EDT

Mozilla Seabird concept phone

The folks over at Mozilla Labs recently posted a new concept smartphone - the Seabird - and we can't help but be impressed by their thinking. While we're sure they'd be the first to admit the device is years from possible hardware fruition (or it would have a battery life of two minutes), we can't help but be impressed. We also couldn't help but notice what was on the screen: Android. Yes, Mozilla, purveyors of all things open source used an open source operating system on their conceptual super phone. We're disappointed that this dual-project infrared-sensing headset/remote-packing conceptual super device doesn't pack an equally innovative conceptual open-source operating system with fantastical user interface options.

Our man Rene Ritchie over at TiPb holds a similar opinion. Now you might be thinking that as the editor of an iOS-focused website he'd be cheerleading against Android devices (partly his job), but he's a pretty level-headed guy. And his editorial on the Seabird is a work of prophetical literature. It's good stuff, and an alternative take on the huge marketshare gains makde by Android, so we're going to point you over to TiPb right now to make the read. Oh, and we've got a video of the snazzy Seabird concept in action after the break. 

Source: Mozilla Labs; Via: Android Central