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Mozilla Weave Sync Coming to webOS

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 06 Feb 2010 12:20 pm EST

Score another point for fast and easy development for webOS. Mozilla Labs has announced they're working on a Weave Sync client for webOS. Weave is Mozilla's way of syncing bookmarks, passwords, history, and even open tabs from your desktop Firefox to your mobile device (and eventually to mobile Firefox on your mobile device).

On webOS, the client is "all just tests," which is to say you're going to be doing some digging into .js files to get it working. Also, the client is just a viewer for your data, there's no syncing or editing here. That last is perhaps not likely to change anytime soon, as webOS has the browser pretty well locked down.

What about mobile Firefox for webOS. We're not Mozilla, so we don't know - what we do know is that if you hit the menu inside the launcher and tap "Default Applications," a placeholder is there to someday set a different browser as the primary browser. So webOS is architected to allow for mobile Firefox (or mobile whatever), should somebody wish to get their tech onto the devices.

thanks to everybody who sent this in!