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by j@ckpotideas Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:04 pm EST
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***webOS 2.x compatible! GROUP SMS/EMAIL MESSAGING and 20 QUICK TEXTS you can save, for FREE! NO ADVERTISEMENTS! What more could you ask for? App supports English, Spanish, German and French. Send Text messages or E-Mails to a Group, Individually, Multiple Groups, swipe to delete groups and members, tap and hold to reorder members. Even easily TWEET your text message! Just register your phone on Twitter, create a new contact, use the Twitter Short Code for the phone number, (e.g. 40404 in U.S.) check here: then add the “Twitter” contact to an SMS group. Links to Multi Message Pro also included, now available in the app catalog, with all the features you love in Multi Message Lite, along with Full, Unlimited, SMS Group and E-MAIL Group Messaging. Also set up 20 Quick Texts, choose with a tap, and include it in your text message or e-mail, similar to quick texts in previous Palm devices. Multi Message apps are the most intuitive, and simplest of all the Group Messaging apps to both set up and use, and allow you to create a message once and send it, regardless of whether you need to send it via text message or e-mail, easing the pain of fumbling around with the copy and pasting; composing / attaching. Do it once, send to many, via text or e-mail. No other apps offer so much for FREE. Updated to improve the German translation. If you don’t already know, here is what else Multi Message Lite currently does: Simply type into the "Enter Your Text" box and tap the "Tap To Send Message" drawer. Then tap the "Send Text / IM" button to launch messaging, or the “Send E-Mail” button to launch E-Mail, with your text / Quick Text / Attachment, pre-filled. Send messages to a Group, Individually, Multiple Groups. This update clears the background images. Please keep contacting us with suggestions, comments and new app requests, we love to hear from you and love continuously updating our apps.

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