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Multi-Select Coming to webOS Mail? (Update: Likely Not)

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 04 Mar 2010 2:59 pm EST


Eagle-eyed PreCentral reader mafia sent us a link to Dion Alamer's blog post from February 24th discussing various issues relating to touch interfaces, native interfaces, and the like. What caught mafia's eye, however, was the above screenshot comparing the Gmail web client and the native webOS mail client. New to us: those little circles to the left of each email in the main list. Call us crazy, but that looks to use like we may see a future update to the mail client that will allow multiple selection of emails on the list for deletion, archiving, etc.

Having accidentally deleted more than one email via swipe, I can say that I would definitely love to have this option for triaging email. Actually, while I'm on the subject, here's a quick tip for Gmail users: go into your preferences and change your default deleted messages folder from "Trash" to something else (I use "Deleted Messages"). It makes it a bit easier to find messages you may have accidentally deleted on the full web client (though you do have to clean them up inside Gmail when you use this method).

Update: Just head from Dion and the screenshot above is actually quite old, pulled from Mitch Allen's webOS Development book. So while it may still yet be a sign of things to come, that's looking a little less likely now. 

Thanks, mafia!