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Astraware Casino Astraware Sudoku

In June we first brought to you news that Astraware was beginning work to bring some of their titles over to webOS via the magic of the PDK. We haven’t heard a whole lot in the intervening weeks, but it looks like things are starting to heat up. Astraware’s website now shows the popular games OddBlob, Astraware Casino, and Astraware Sudoku as “coming soon for Palm webOS.”

To add the fuel of encouragement to our fire of desire, Astraware admitted on Twitter that they’re working with Palm on a press announcement about games they’ve submitted for inclusion in the App Catalog. Additionally, mobile apps blog MobiObie was able to squeeze a bit more info out of Astraware: they’re also planning on bringing Police Range, Astraware Solitaire, and Astraware Boardgames to the webOS party.

There’s one thing to note, and it’ll likely disappoint those of you toting Palm Pixi phones: the Sudoku page indicates that the supported display resolution will be 320x480 pixels, otherwise known as the size of the Pre screens (the Pixi has a 320x400 screen). While none of the other games have stated system requirements (webOS 1.4.5 is a given at this point), we expect given Astraware’s heavy investment in iOS development that 320x480 will be the only webOS resolution supported for some time after launch.

Source: Astraware, Astraware on Twitter, MobiObie; Thanks to John for the tips!