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Music Player (Remix) 2.0 getting Quick Actions, Just Type search, Autolists, and more [video]

by Derek Kessler Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:59 am EST

Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Music Player (Remix) 2.0

If there’s one homebrew app that’s been incredibly popular from the start, it’s been Music Player (Remix). What started as an enhancement of the built-in webOS Music app, Remix has evolved to version 2.0 with a completely new UI, awesome utilization of dashboard controls, and more.

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With webOS 2.0, developer HedamiSoft has been busy adding new features, in addition to revamping existing features to make them even better. We’ll start with the webOS 2.0 features, which are Just Type search and Quick Actions. With the Just Type search you can just type (ha!) what you’re looking for, hit the Music Player (Remix) button to launch a search in the app, giving you matching results for playlists, artists, etc. Quick Actions lets you skip the step of searching. If you know that you’ve got a playlist called Awesome, you can Just Type the word and hit the Load Playlist option under Quick Actions to, well, load the playlist.

Then there’s advanced bookmarking, which lets you bookmark particular points in a song. You can use this to go back to a specific point, or to set chapter marks in something like an audio book. Then all you have to do is tap next or back to jump between the song’s bookmarks. Those bookmarks are even saved in a list of bookmarks so you can get right back to them at any time. There are also auto-bookmarks, encompassing resume on launch (including playlists and song positions) and resume when loading a playlist in the app.

Joining your synced-from-the-computer playlists and created-on-the-go flylists in Remix are Autolists. These autolists, five previewed and one magical one for later release, create magical playlists on the go. They include Auto DJ (generate a playlist that is X hours long), Favorites (a sampling of your favorite’d in Remix songs), Chart Toppers (the songs you listen to the most, by playcount), Déjà Vu (songs you’ve listened to recently), and Memory Lane (songs you haven’t listened to in a while, be it a week or a year).

And then there’s the Twitter and Facebook integration in the latest version of Remix. The new Accounts scene allows you to add in your, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Using a PIN authorization system (along with Oauth on Twitter), Remix can now post your currently playing song to Twitter and/or Facebook, complete with the fun little two eighth notes character. These links also include a link to a video of the song, if available, so your friends and followers can hear what exactly it is you’re listening to.

HedamiSoft has also added a new feature called Discovery, that uses the aforementioned Twitter posts to give you an overview of what other Remix players are listening to. Like the links posted to Twitter and Facebook, this list shoots you to a video of that song so you too can listen to the song. Discovery even lets you check out the Twitter profiles of those users, so if it turns out that somebody is posting a lot of music you like, you might as well follow them, right?

Lastly, Remix has also gained quick shortcuts, which like the web browser’s Add Page to Launcher function lets you add links to your favorite songs, albums, and playlists right to your launcher. Everything combined is making for an incredibly powerful and feature-packed music player that puts even the best desktop clients to shame.

Music Player (Remix) 2.0 is currently available in beta form from the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery, and once the webOS 2.0 SDK comes out of beta/NDA it’ll be available in the App Catalog. The beta in the Homebrew Gallery features all of the above, sans the Just Type features, which are currently in a private beta. Booyah.

Just Type search and Quick Actions

Advanced Bookmarking


Social networking integration (1)

Social networking integration (2)


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