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Music Synergy might be the next big trick up HP's sleeve

by Riz Parvez Sat, 12 Feb 2011 1:06 am EST

With all the news and newness unveiled at HP's big Think Beyond event this week, you might think that HP execs didn't have anything else to talk about. Well, they did, and when questioned about iTunes sync and cloud music management in an interview with Engadget, Jon Rubinstein along with HP SVP of Applications and Services Steven McArthur let slip an interesting nugget:

Engadget: Speaking of the cloud stuff -- you had issues with this whole iTunes sync thing -- do you see an opportunity to get into partnerships with companies like Rdio [streaming / cloud services]?

Steven: Think about what Sonos has done in the home, integrating different services into a clean interface that allows you source the content irrespective of where it comes from. They're a little company -- think about what HP can do building that kind of client, those business relationships, and putting it on 100 million devices a year.

Engadget: So you see opportunity there? Do services like Pandora become less like an app and more like a component of something else?

Steven: What you're describing is Music Synergy.

Engadget: Does that exist? 

Steven: Stay tuned.

Music Synergy, eh? Sonos, in case you were wondering, makes incredibly trick wireless multi-room home audio products. Their hardware/software solution combines your home library, Internet radio, and popular online music services like Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and Last.FM into one cohesive “endless music” experience that can be accessed across devices throughout your home.

Now, knowing that an elegant and cohesive design philosophy is one of the things that makes webOS stand out against some of it’s larger competitors, we can probably infer how this could take shape by looking at their existing photo/video synergy hub. Single screen aggregation of your native music collections with all your favorite cloud-based streams and services. Very slick if they can pull it off. In fact, we can see this as potentially being HP's answer to Apple's AirPlay.

Add how Touch-To-Share, smart Touchstones, and webOS on PCs could fit into this puzzle, and “Think Beyond” seems like the perfect way to describe the potential for music on 3.x.

Source: Engadget