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My Home Keyboard
by Dieter Bohn on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 14 comments

## New Features ##

** Added Integrated mode for portrait - press Enter/space buttons to send the text directly to the application **
* Update facebook status
* Change font size of application mode

The My Home Keyboard is not like any other virtual keyboard. It is your personally defined home keyboard APPLICATION, with the languages and keys of your choice. Supports 3 customizable pages of characters.

Works both in portrait vertical mode and in horizontal landscape mode. The landscape mode is very easy to use with large buttons.

Send your text directly to your favorite applications, send text to the device clipboard and paste text in any other application.

Send the text as an SMS, send to the messaging application, directly send to and call up Google search, find locations in Google maps, search for Flickr images and Twitter tweets. Email the text or search Wikipedia. Send to Youtube search, or look for eBay deals. Supports left-to-right and right-to-left typing directions. Fully customizable page, set any language key-code and customize your language and symbols. Note: The My Home Keyboard does not automatically install additional fonts. If your language is not supported by your palm pre device, you will have to install it manually yourself. You can easily and conveniently define individual keys with special symbols or letters by simply typing in a new key code for that key.

The My Home Keyboard is an application and does not replace the built-keyboard. It opens up as a separate card!