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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:52 pm EST
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(Submitted for US only). Ever find yourself wanting to add a movie to your Netflix queue but no computer in sight? Nothing on TV and want to check out what new releases are available to watch instantly from Netflix? Then MyQ is for you!

MyQ For Netflix is a fully functional Netflix queue manager. It allows you to manage your disc and instant queues (add/move/delete titles) as well as searching the entire Netflix catalog.

MyQ also allows browsing both disc and instant watch titles by genres - either browse all titles or just the latest releases.

MyQ does not allow viewing of instant watch titles on your Palm webOS device.

Contact us at or follow us on twitter at

MyQ does not ask for your username/password - instead it uses a special official Netflix authentication system that keeps your account details safe.

0.8.5 fixes adding to queue not working.

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