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nDrive GPS navigation demoed on Pre Plus [video]

by Derek Kessler Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:41 am EST

GPS navigation on webOS devices has long been the home turf of the carriers. There have been some homebrew solutions, but multi-platform mapper nDrive is looking to change that with their new nDrive for webOS app. The PDK app was demoed running on a Palm Pre Plus, and it seems to come complete with all the features present in the Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS nDrive products.

Apart from the expected point-to-point navigation, nDrive packs some serious social networking integration. You can share your location and itineraries on Facebook, as well as use Google Maps and Foursquare to search for places to go around you. Additionally, you can check-in with Foursquare directly from nDrive, and the app will even to automatic check-ins if you so desire.

Unlike the carrier-built mapping apps, nDrive stores its maps on your device instead of up in the cloud. While that makes for a larger app file size, that does mean you’ll still be able to navigate effectively even without a cellular signal (or service plan, if you roll that way). We don’t have an ETA for when we can expect nDrive to come to webOS, but judging by the generally functional state of this app in demo form, it can’t be too far away. Video after the break.