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NDrive HD Navigation now on the HP TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 02 Jul 2011 1:27 pm EDT

Add this to your list of great apps for the HP TouchPad, NDrive has announced and released their newest creation for webOS, NDrive HD, and it's sure to turn more than a few heads (pardon the pun). As we've shown you before on our smaller webOS 2.0 smartphones in this review, NDrive is a good (though somewhat pricey) turn-by-turn navigation app that absolutely trounces the built-in options. You're probably wondering, though, how will you use a navigation app while on the road without wireless access on a wifi-only device? It's simple, NDrive is downloaded straight to your TouchPad when you purchase it, never to need data connection again (except for updates).

When we looked at NDrive for smartphones, we thought it was great (though again, we can't ignore that price). It's easy to use, gives decent directions and fulfills nearly every need of turn-by-turn navigation app users without the hefty monthly fee that usually comes with these types of apps. Click through the break to get a look at some screenshots, and then grab the app from the catalog to see it for yourself. NDrive HD will set you back about $50.

UPDATE: Yes, it is true that turn-by-turn navigation is a bit hard to use on a device that does not continually have GPS by default (the TouchPad is currently wifi only). But there are reasons why this app is still a viable option, especially considering a 3G version of the TouchPad is already on the way.