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by webos catalog Wed, 27 Apr 2011 8:12 am EDT
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NDrive Navigation Systems SA
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Turn-by-turn navigation for webOS has finally arrived!

NDrive 11 transforms your Smartphone into a powerful turn-by-turn navigation device.

The award winning application bundles a number of new features that exceed the field of simple turn-by -turn navigation including Social Network integration, Weather, location sharing to name a few.

NDrive 11 uses the latest NAVTEQ maps which are stored on your device, allowing you to navigate without the need of network connectivity.

NDrive 11 beyond navigation:
- Nearby offers (Coupons)
- Facebook and Foursquare integration
- Live weather
- NDrive’s in-app store

NDrive 11 Navigation Faster and smarter:
- Radar and speed limit notifications
- NAVTEQ POIs enhanced with Google Search Functions
- Lane assistance
- Adventure mode

-35 Supported languages, written and spoken include: English, Spanish, German, French, etc.
-NDrive 11’s maps are provided by NAVTEQ: (March 2011)
NDrive USA application includes the following countries and territories:
- USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands

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