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by zhephree Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:41 pm EST
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Update: New UI! Now send from one phone to another phone! Bug fixes! Send a contact to a friend (webOS 1.4.5 only)!

neato! is a small app that sits in the dashboard and allows you to launch URLs from your computer's web browser straight to your phone! Reading a long blog post and want to take it on the road with you? Click the neato! bookmarklet in your favorite web browser and it'll instantly be loaded on your phone! Or maybe you looked up an address on Google Maps and want to put the directions on your phone without retyping them on your phone. Click the neato! bookmarklet and in a second, the directions show up in the webOS Google Maps app! neato! also lets you send short selections of text from a website to your phone to easily copy & paste into an e-mail or text message!

* Can now send data to your computer!
* Send your text to a bunch of different apps!
* Send stuff and contacts to your friends!

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